The Primary School no.3 is located in a historic building at Topolowa Street, right by the city centre of Kraków. Founded in 1863, the school boasts over a century and a half- old teaching tradition.

We offer education across 8 levels with an additional pre-school grade.

We recognize that each child is an individual and support their invididual needs. We stress the total development of each child: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.

Our school promotes a safe, caring, and supportive environment. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved in our students’ learning.

Our mission is to empower students with learning disabilities to recognize and optimize their full potential. We provide extra classes amid „Psychological and pedagogical assistance” programme such as speech therapy, educational therapy, social skills training and other supplementary programmes.

There are two teachers assigned to each class, one being the lead (or a subject specialist),
the other is a special education teacher, who supports the students with special educational needs.

We do our best to prepare each child for the higher level of school education.

Our teachers are specialists with extensive experience who support comprehensive development of children. The educators engage in extra curricular activities to constantly improve the level of education.

The school welcomes students from abroad and offers them extracurricular Polish language lessons.

The school runs numerous projects and programmes such as, Erasmus+ (teacher and students trainings), summer/winter camps, cycling projects (STARS) , eTwinning, ‘milk for students’, ‘fruit and vegetables for students’.

We collaborate with numerous institutions, participate in activities, e.g. outdoor learning, museum trips, etc. Also, we organise regular short one/two day long field trips.

We promote foreign language learning by organising numerous events such as Foreign Language Days, Erasmus Days, hosting English speaking volunteers and Erasmus participants.

The school offers extracurricular English lessons which, together with regular classes, totals to 4 hours in grades 1-3 and 4-5 hours in grades 4-8 per week. IT and language teaching is conducted in small groups.

Additionally, we provide chess classes for grades 1-6.

Moreover, students can participate in numerous after-class activities/workshops that are tailored to meet their the needs and interests.

When children do not participate in lessons, they can attend our day-care room which is open everyday from 7.00 – 17.00. On top of that, the school maintains its own kitchen which offers housemade dishes for students and employees.

School facilities include:

– classroom fitted with modern equipment (interactive boards, tablets, educational robots)
– a computer lab,
– a science lab
– a school library,
– a school gym,
– a school yard with playground,
– a speech therapy room,
– a sensory integration room,
– a day-care room,
– a kitchen which serves homemade dishes,
– a school assembly hall,
– a locker room (each student has his/her own private locker)

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